The Iron Queen’s Game (ou O Jogo da Rainha de Ferro) é uma trilogia de alta-fantasia que se passa em um mundo tomado por monstros. Para sobreviver, a humanidade fugiu para sete cidades flutuantes construídas há muito pelos elfos, hoje extintos. Os livros acompanham Valentina Veracruz, escolhida para reinar como próxima rainha das Sete Cidades após a morte de sua mãe, a Rainha de Ferro; Rafael Alverna, um guerreiro da superfície treinado para combater os monstros; e Lori Altameri, filho do Príncipe de Vicenza, uma das Sete, e a única pessoa capaz de se comunicar com os anjos élficos – e de utilizar sua magia.

Os três volumes da série são Queen of Hearts (A Rainha de Copas), Master of Beasts (O Senhor das Feras) e Angel of Mist (O Anjo de Névoa), sendo cada um dedicado a um dos personagens principais. Atualmente, Queen of Hearts está sendo reescrito.



VALENTINA KNOWS THEM PRETTY WELL. She is the Masked Princess, the heir of humanity’s last kingdom, and it is her duty to remember the time before the monsters and the shadows, before they were forced to give up living on the surface to seek refuge on the long-abandoned floating elven cities. She was chosen as the next ruler of the Seven and she’s been training for it her whole life, but now her mother, Caterina, the Iron Queen, is dead. And Valentina knows she was murdered.

RAFAEL’S FATHER USED TO TELL THESE STORIES TO HIS SIBLINGS when he was a child training to face the horrors that almost destroyed humanity centuries ago, and now, as a ranger famous for his skills with the sacred weapons, he doesn’t give them much importance. But after a campaign gone terribly wrong, he is forced to give up the battlefield to fight for his people in a different way: marrying the soon to be queen and, as the new king, bringing justice to those who live near the surface, where the battle is endless and where his family’s bones lie. But he soon finds out that there is more to those stories than he had ever imagined.

As the only child of the old royal family of Cretione, a kingdom destroyed by monsters during the Awakening, LORI KNOWS THEM ALL BY HEART – and knows more. He knows about the six human kingdoms, and the red war and the human union, but he also knows about the old elven rulers and their ancient gods and their genderless society. His mother made sure he knew about her people before death took her away, and now, years later, Lori has to pretend he doesn’t know the forbidden stories the human race chose to forget. But he has more to hide; from his father, who wants him to be the new king, the fact he doesn’t like women, and, from everyone else, the day he called for his mother’s people’s gods – and the day their angels called back.

Stories say there will be a time when humanity will rule the earth again, but there is an enemy to be defeated first. Something lurks in the streets of the capital, Vitória, and when the Iron Queen’s Burning Ceremony ends in blood and darkness, Valentina, Rafael and Lori realize they are pawns in a bigger game, a game the Iron Queen started – and one they might not be able to win.

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